The life of the airline inflight magazine is typically for the one to two month span of publication while it is accessible by airline passengers in the seat-back pocket. Airlines spend vast amounts of money and effort in creating their inflight magazines to promote their destination news and highlights, and brand awareness among existing passengers. However, once the magazine reaches the end of its publication date, the usefulness of the magazine typically experiences a rapid decline. This does not have to be the case.

Some airlines will try to extend the life of their back-dated inflight magazines by posting them on their website, but explained in the video on this page, this is an old school approach that is riddled with low user experience and almost negligible engagement with passengers and those interested in the brand. And this does not have to be the case. (Continued below the video)

The Altitude app solves this problem on many levels: We have invested significant funds in the development of our app, and our member airline magazines can be downloaded for on-the-go-reading on mobile devices. The attraction for the reader being:

  • A wide variety of international airline magazines all under the same roof
  • Reading convenience and comfort that simply does not exist in online web based systems
  • Altitude app offers a far superior reading experience than any form of online magazine presentation that exists today

Altitude app provides airlines with global reach for their inflight magazines past and present, with interested and engaged frequent fliers and global travellers, delivering their brand and destination news to many thousands of readers and potential customers that their own websites simply cannot deliver via old-school inflight magazine presentation.



Please feel free to send us an email: support at thealtitudeapp dot com

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    Altitude app (created by IFE.JetFlix.TV )
    North America Office:
    5220 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6N 1V9

    Europe Office:
    Heliconweg 52 (WTC), Leeuwarden, 8914AT, The Netherlands

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